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Most Valuable Problem.

Why find out my #1 problem?
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You're in good company

Animation of your life passing by. Made by Jack Butcher.


There are only 24 hours a day.
The clock is moving just as quickly as 2000 years ago,
but the world sure feels like it's spinning faster than ever before. If you don’t feel the same way, we’re not the match for you. No hard feelings.

But if you do, please do read on.
For we might not be able to get back precious time,
we can make time work for you.

Problem first

Here's the thing.
Most companies offer you their solution...
Without finding out what your problem is first.
No more.

At kaffie, we do things differently.
Let time work for your business, rather than against it.

For that to work, we find out your most valuable problem to solve. Knowing what your problem is before offering you a solution is nothing genius to us. It’s just good business.

/Our focus

We stick to our edge.

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Love for problems

It’s about you and your problem first. In business, offering you a IT or marketing solution that won’t fix your problem doesn’t make sense.

Let’s do it right from the start instead of paying extra to do it again later.

  • problem mapping
  • workshops
  • User experience

Quick with digital

Computers do lots of things better than humans. It's just a matter of making them do it for you. Simple. It's just not easy.

Luckily we have an IT guy that eats complex problems for breakfast. His best dish? A simple solution.

  • All things web
  • Data analysis
  • Functional analysis

Remarkable with marketing

We believe marketing 5 years from now will be about word of mouth and standing out instead of paid ads and being loud.

We’ll cook up creative campaigns that will get people talking without even noticing it's marketing at all.

  • brand identity
  • marketing strategy
  • word of mouth marketing
/Still here?

Let's find out what your real problem is. 

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