Afrodidact - New website and donation campaign

The client

For over a decade, Afrodidact has been working on its mission to provide quality education in The Gambia. My story with this non-profit organisation started over five years ago during an internship. We started developing a digital ecosystem called KUBO, focusing on "relieving teachers of administrative tasks and training students in acquiring digital skills."

More than five years later, we can proudly say that we are helping over 7,000 children in 4 different Gambian schools with Afrodidact. This achievement and the work of more than a decade deserved to be properly translated into a new website. And that's precisely where kaffie kicked in.

The project

The biggest challenge to creating the new website was to bring cohesion between Afrodidact & KUBO (a project by Afrodidact). Before the new website, we had two separate websites with two different brand identities and without a solid link to each other. We fixed that by incorporating the KUBO project into the new website & applying the new brand style guide (logos, fonts, colours) provided by Mortierbrigade.

Next up, we also launched a donation page on Donorbox so that sponsors & donors could easily donate to our cause. This was a big step forward since we can now use this donation page during specific online campaigns & offline events. To top it all off, we launched the new website with a teaser video campaign announcing a short documentary (which will be released soon).

The outcome

  • A brand new website for Afrodidact that incorporates the new brand identity and has strong cohesion with KUBO 🌐
  • An online donation page on Donorbox which helps us easily collect donations during online & offline fundraising campaigns 💌
  • The launch of a teaser trailer for our upcoming Afrodidact documentary (which delivered 3000 euro in donations) 🎥 💵

kaffie contribution

The team


Into detail

The outcome