Gravifill - Sales automation

The client

3Dtools is a young startup focused on simple, fast-to-deploy machines for filling, packaging & labelling products in the chemical sector. Their flagship machine, Gravifill, is an out-of-the-box filling solution that fills liquids from big to small containers.

The Project

To scale sales & distribution of The Gravifill, the guys from the lean, mean filling machine are heavily investing in a dealer network across Europe. Whereas the main focus of the first couple months was to sell machines, now switched to selling new Gravifills and onboarding dealers across Europe to sell The Gravifill.

Since the team of two also has other things on their plate, they asked us to make this twofold strategy as easy & optimal as possible. So, we took on this challenge to create a lean, mean sales machine that could be used during trade shows & online.

Starting point

Many chemical/packaging industry sales are made during trade shows; therefore, we helped develop a popping trade booth with a kiosk stand as a sales support tool.

The purpose of the Kiosk stand is twofold:

  • One - Allowing the Gravifill guys to enter leads during the trade show.
  • Two - Letting potential customers configure their filling machine like they would order a Big Mac at Mcdonald's (including a printed receipt of their configuration).

The process of automating the kiosk:

To connect & automate all the dots, we made use of N8N to integrate the different tools that were in play

Tools we used to do this

  • Webflow to make the configurator that is used both online & offline (during trade shows).
  • Pipedrive as a CRM system, i.e. a platform where you can manage leads, customers & deals, make a quote, send mass e-mails…
  • N8N to automatically push the answers we received in Webflow to Pipedrive & print a receipt for the potential customer.

kaffie contribution

The team


Into detail

The outcome

  • 109 new leads were captured during the first trade show, and 148 leads during the second trade show 📈
  • All newly registered leads automatically received multiple follow-up e-mails in the course of two weeks after the trade show. The main CTA? Filling out seven questions on our online product configurator 💌
  • Based on these seven questions, Sam & Lieven (The Gravifill gentlemen) can tailor a quote to the lead's needs 📝
  • Since the implementation, we have had to postpone shooting videos of the Gravifill because they are all sold at this point in time 🎉