Howest - Adding structure to Naviskore

The client

Howest is a university of applied sciences located in West-Flandres, preparing its students to become highly skilled and directly employable professionals.Next to this, Howest has multiple research groups focussing on different fields of expertise. Two of these research groups ( IT & pedagogic) are focused on creating the classroom of the future by developing a data-driven school platform.

The project

The Naviskore project started as a project to help secondary schools with their school administration, curricula management and evaluating students and their attainment levels. These are the fundamental functionalities of the platform.

However, these functionalities do not differentiate Naviskore from its public competitors (Smartschool for example). Therefore, the ultimate goal is to leverage the data that is captured during these day-to-day tasks, preparing the schools for the future of teaching. More concretely, we aim to deploy Naviskore as a platform that encourages student-tailored education & flip the classroom initiatives.

With kaffie, we came aboard to bring technical and organisational structure into the picture. Our main focus as of today is to help bring technical maturity to the platform so that a solid foundation can serve future research group initiatives. Next to this, we also help develop certain new features on the platform to help secondary schools with their day-to-day challenges.

The Results

  • More technical & organisational structure leading to less iterations for the developers 🧠
  • Better alignment between the different teams, goals and visions resulting in improved project adoption ✨
  • Improved deliverability of new functionalities due to the extra resources & clear functional requirements🔄

kaffie contribution

The team


Into detail

The outcome