Gravifill online communication

The client

3Dtools is a young startup focused on simple, fast-to-deploy machines for filling, packaging & labelling products in the chemical sector. Their flagship machine, Gravifill, is an out-of-the-box filling solution that fills liquids from big to small containers.

The project

The chemical sector is filled with intelligent people that are very knowledgeable in their field. However, whilst an engineer understands complex lingo, decision-makers in a company often care more about simple explanations & well-defined outcomes. In comes kaffie.

The assignment

  • Simplify the Gravifill communication.
  • Efficiently convert attention.
  • Make the AHA moment come sooner in the process.

kaffie contribution

The team


Into detail

After an interview, factory tour & physical demo of Gravifill we further investigated the product & target market.
We screened dozens of competitors in the same segment and came to these three most prominent observations:

  • The competition often has outdated websites.
  • High focus on showing solutions but low emphasis on the problems they're solving.
  • The form of communication requires the reader to be knowledgeable in the field.

With these observations in mind, we distilled all the gathered information into a simple representation of the Gravifill.
This distillation then formed the basis for building our communication.

The outcome

Together with 3Dtools we now have a solid communication foundation that we use in several new applications:

  • The new website targeted explicitly on Gravifill.
  • Email templates used for cold mail campaigns.
  • A product configurator that helps leads identify their ideal Gravifill setup.
  • A brand new campaign video to launch Gravifill.

Soon we will showboat all these deliverables in detail, so keep an eye on our cases section to see them come to life.