DoPox - Communication framework

The client

Dominator Technology is a manufacturer of strong, sustainable epoxy and polyurethane materials.

They're at the top level of European companies specializing in polymer engineering. Their epoxy systems are being used by companies throughout Europe. From engineering to design to production, everything is made in-house in Denmark.

Their materials are used in construction, automotive, and manufacturing industries all over Europe.

The Project

Up until 2022, Dominator focused heavily on industrial applications and tailor-made solutions. As of 2023, they launched the DoPox epoxy line, geared more towards DIY, professional flooring and the arts & crafts industry.

However, few people in those industries speak the "engineering language".

For their DoPox line of products, we're responsible for crafting communication that is understood by their new target markets.

To put it differently…

From this: "Heavy Duty epoxy with high abrasion resistance and a superior surface finish."

To this: "If you want your garage floor to withstand all the parties your kids will have, make sure your floor is as tough as the parties they throw."

Our goal is to make DoPox a market-ready product that stands out, whether for sales through distributors or sales directly to consumers. (B2B & D2C)

The Work

To simplify before you understand is ignorant. To craft simple messages, you need to understand the complex ins and outs of a particular product first.

We started off with building a solid communication framework.

  • Product mapping
  • Market research
  • Competitors analysis

With the framework in hand, we've developed a system to use simple communication to delve into new markets.

After careful consideration, we decided to focus on testing the waters in the arts & crafts industry first.

We've set up collaborations with artists to test out the DoPox products, gathered feedback and made sure the process was documented from A to Z.

The Results

The communication framework was built with a simple yet effective rule of thumb:

"Discard what is perceived as noise and amplify what is perceived as signal."

As a result?

"Ever since we started working with kaffie, the energy in the company changed. We went from discussing technical product details that nobody but us understood… to asking ourselves how to help clients be proud of what they're protecting with our product. I've been running the business since 2009. You're the first agency to questioned if I needed what I was willing to pay you for."

Next up?

Everything that is needed to get the DoPox line of products in this challenging industry going.

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