DDV Rental - Building a brand motor for a vehicle rental company

The client

DDV Rental (DDV Verhuur) is a vehicle rental company based in Ostend. It caters to a wide range of transportation needs.

Whether you’ve been postponing a DIY-job at home and could use the help of an excavator or in need of a Bentley Continental GT for the weekend, DDV helps to make you move.

The Project

DDV Rental (DDV Verhuur) has been growing at the pace of a V8-engine on steroids since they started off in 2021.

Three years of hard work and determination made sure the company established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the vehicle rental industry.

In cooperation with Studio Lang, we figured they could use a rebranding that shows they’re here to stay.

The Result

  • A brand identity that embodies moving in the right direction.
  • Visual signage that pops and works for a Bentley as well as for an excavator.
  • 31 vehicles on the road that showcase their brand in different ways.
  • But most of all, a rental company that evolved into a brand to be reckoned with.

kaffie contribution

The team


Into detail

The outcome

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