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Eyooo what is up gals & guys?
It’s edition 7 of this newsletter already, and we’re happy about you, the reader, and the engagement you bring to the table! (on average, 90% opens & reads this mail → big hooray to that).

However, since I cannot pay my bread with the amount of engagement on our newsletter, I’m here to inform you of what this week brought that brings a buck in the bank.

Fistong website - sneak peek

Last week Simon announced the big, over-the-top, all-or-nothing, pistoneur strategy for summer bar Fistong. This week we are giving you guys the Avant premiere of the website. It’s still under construction, but your feedback is heavily welcomed.

Anykrowd - Next level cash register.

Since every (summer)bar needs a cash register to administer the dinero’s flowing in and out of the bar, and since Fistong is all about turning things upside down, we started negotiations with Anykrowd.
Anywho? Anykrowd.
As a crazy quartet (team of 4) they want to revolutionise the bar & event sector with their unique solution. And since they are a new player on the market & were searching for a summer bar to test their solution, we believe this could be a good match.

So why are we talking about this in the kaffie newsletter? Because opportunities come when you least expect them.
You see, we went into the meeting for a cash register solution & came out of the session with an understanding that we could help each other with user testing of the app, help with data reporting & marketing strategy.
Seeds were planted for both Fistong, Anykrowd & kaffie... So let’s see what harvest season brings to the table.

Gears in motion

Many other kaffie parts are in motion, but we’ll leave that for another time.
Enjoy the sunny weather,and don’t forget to put on sunscreen🕶

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