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Buona sera,
Another Friday, another newsletter. Stock up on your favourite beverage of choice and spend the next 1 minute and 48 seconds with us.

80,8k post reach in 30 days

Launching our very own mini online series about the making of a summer bar was quite the hurdle. You see, as it tends to go with pet projects, they always consume way more time than you'd expect them to*.
*Not really. You kinda know.
But hey, it's been great fun. Statistics tell me our posts reached 80 800 people in a timespan of 30 days.
That's not too bad.
Nougattino no euro on paid ads.
It could've been better - It could have been worse. What frightens Yentl and me the most is not taking the shot.
Let me tell you. We do. And I'm proud of us for doing so. 💌

Serrano to the moon and back

We've been stocking up on the cheapest serrano epse from Lidl. "Doesn't expire fast." We've been doing this for good few weeks now.
This week marked the spot in which we realized we've been eating serranoham & cream cheese for 3 consecutive weeks now.
We're 2 inches and a new fat client away from switching to salmon full time.

Ego is the enemy

Serranoham for weeks straight or not, I'm always enjoying lunchtime in which we casually pick each other's food and projects apart.
"What didn't go as planned?" "What could we do better next time?"
"Why don't you put a tomatje en e komkommer on your stutje?"
"What did go as planned?'

To some people, the 'direct nature' of these conversations may sound frightening. In my humble opinion, it's what keeps us growing.
Sure, we can support each other, applaud each other and always be saying 'good work' all the time. And we do.
Nevertheless, being able to give and take constructive criticism is what keeps us young. Keeps us sharp between the ears.
We all have blind spots. We all have but one brain.
Why let our ego get us in the way of using two brains at once instead?
That's all for today folks. See you next Saturday on the 'friends & family' test run of summerbar Fistong.
I hereby declare it "Friends, family and kaffie newsletter subscribers test run.
If you haven't been invited yet and feel like coming, drop me a mail back to let us know.

First drink on me. Serrano for diner.

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