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Bonjour mes amis,
Dropping this week's newsletter 24 hours late to keep up the suspense. Hope you're as excited about the newsletter as I am thinking about teleporting to 1991, popping quaaludes in Zillion.

This week's line-up:

  • Shining a light on ETAP data
  • A warm welcome to our new client
  • Massage Fridays
  • The Gambia Closing in

Shining a light on ETAP data

Upon arriving at the office last Tuesday, I was kindly greeted by our whiteboard loaded with 27 arrows, diagrams and a blueprint that looked like a scheme on how to land a Boeing 747 upside down.
Upon closer inspection, I realised that it was Yentl doing Yentl things. Since We landed ETAP as a client (well, actually, Mister Jacobs did), Yentl's been poppin' data architect quaaludes regularly.
The question: How to make 9 different software systems work with each other?
The answer: To be continued in the Yentl's edition of our newsletter.
Here's what we agreed upon: make sure the whiteboard is in line of webcam sight to flex on our (potential) clients.

Warm welcome to our new client

All jokes aside, this week was good. We renewed contracts with two happy clients and closed a new and refreshing one.
Meet Sam Soens: an experienced financial consultant we'd like to describe as a 'financial consigliere'. In the business of ensuring other companies' bottom line is maxed out.
You know he's a good one when he, just before pledging his trust to work with us, told us what should be on the invoice because of tax return purposes.
The golden nugget: a new website billed in 2022 is an extra 25% something, whereas, in 2023, this goes down to only 6%.
Me no speak a lot of finance, but I'd hand him over our books without batting an eye.
Glad to have you onboard, Sam. Let's make sure your clients don't feel like Amelie Albrecht when she's talking about her bookkeeper.

Massage friday evenings

The cherry on top: Upon closing of this week, our day one fan Stéphanie Riviere wanted to make sure she'd be mentioned in the newsletter of this week.I willingly got bribed in return for a soothing massage while drafting the newsletter.

That concludes it for this week.
Just six more days until we're leaving forThe Gambiafor non-profit Afrodidact.
To wrap up:
What are your thoughts on a non-profit releasing a trailer video called "What the f*ck happens with my money?"

PS: Lovely Zorita mamacita just left for Morocco on a seven-day trip. I hope this mail finds you well. Wishing you a lovely time. Gek op je X

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