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Shit, this function doesn't work in Belgium

This monday was game time. We launched our online series.
I don't stress that easily. When it's 2 minutes before launch on a project you've been working on, things tend to get heated.
Finding out the 'collaboration' function on Instagram doesn't work for up to 20 people at once, doesn't help either.
So, here's the thing. The 'collab' function does work for 20 people. But not in Belgium. Yet. Apparently.
Ah well, lucky that we didn't build up our plan around this whole function.
I'm joking.
We did.
Ah well, adapt and improvise.

Making events - next level - and a level above

We were asked to cover the social media strategy plan for one our our potential clients.
On the lookout for good examples, Yentl stumbled upon some big ass cohones guys and girls called Cercle Events.
200% crazy.
I'm serious.

Check this out.
Mad respecpa.

"Quick business lunch"

Life isn't all about business. So we went on a business lunch.
Started at 1 PM. We figured, since a business lunch is for entrepreneurs, it would last about 2 hours tops. Busy people, you know.
Turns out, it doesn't work that way. Since we still got an appointment later in the day, i went off to the races to start preparing. Yentl stayed there to 'network.'
Next thing I know, Yentl sends me a pic at 9pm, sitting at a casino table putting all his money on red.
Lovely. I'm putting my money on Yentl.

Off to the Meifoor

My lovely Zorita is back in Belgium. She'll be leaving again soon.
I'm off to have some quality time this evening. It's been a while.
Sorry I'm going to be late babe. I can't break the Friday newsletter streak.
Peace and love,

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