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Bonjour mes amis,
17th edition of our newsletter dropping this week.
To summarize the last 14 days, I'll use picture plenties. A resourceful marketer would argument using images invokes more emotion. A lazy marketer might even state it takes longer to write a text.
If you felt like being left in the cold after not receiving one last Friday, je m'excuse in my best French.
Karen leaving the HQ left me feeling bluesy.

Cure for feeling bluesy

What if I told you there's a better cure than whisky, weed and Warren Zevon for feeling bluesy?
Here's the answer: babies. I've been issued the title of godfather for two beautiful months. So last Sunday, I made a surprise visit to go and check up on this remarkable little creature, Anna-Laure.

No. Better. Cure.
Can't wait for the day to start schemin' pranks in the love of mommy and dad with her. Reporting on the results in the kaffie newsletter, edition 1021.

kaffie daycare center

Yentl's dad (and day one subscriber! Thanks Patje)  just walked in to practice the whole 'being responsible' part with a beautiful green baby doll.
That'll be number 7 since the start of kaffie in April.
Always room for one more, innit?

Another kaffie on the wall

(To pet our ego,) To make sure the world knows we mean big business, we had Custom Designs install some nice kaffie stickers on the wall.
Lore Martens,chief verbinder for VOKA, instantly came knocking on our door to ask if we would like to join the VOKA network.
It didn't even take sixty minutes after placement.
Big sticker leads to bigger network theory-> confirmed.
If that's not worth a good old 'give me the tiger', I don't know what is.


Calling it a day by presenting you our very own MOO business cards. If there's a Rolls Royce in business cards, MOO cards would be it.
We each have 50 (!) different quotes to pick and hand out now. Sparingly, that is.
From "Talk data to me" to "Take your suit. Take your dick, okay? And move your ass. Bouge ton cul".
We got it covered. Big business.

Wishing you a lovely"Take your suit. Take your dick, okay? And move your ass. Bouge ton cul"weekend,

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