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Habari my fellow kaffies,
A sudden Simon appeared! After missing last week's newsletter, I figured an apology is in order. Je m'excuse for the sleepless nights you may or may not have encountered.
First things first:
If you're still looking for fine karma to end the week; I've got some good news for you.
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This week in bullets:

  • Our first internship openings
  • La Maison Du Terroir - sexy gerechtjes en sexy comms
  • Great collaboration feels like jazz

Our first internship openings

Student padawans who would love to mentor under data magician Yentl or my humble self are hereby requested to come work with us for free.
"No dusty side project to keep you busy. Active learning, thinking along about ways to do communication and all things data that may or may not be found in any of your textbooks. Taking ownership while sippin' kaffie."

After all, we're only asking for a gratis werkkracht. Is dat dan teveel gevraagd misschien?
In return: We'll gladly move heaven and earth to help them kick start their careers.

La Maison Du Terroir - sexy gerechjes

Last weekend, our client La Maison Du Terroir celebrated its 10-year anniversary with 3 days of wining, dining and straight up sixty-nine'in.
Lovely to see how a passionate team can work wonders. On Friday, they invited 140 (!) people for a 10-meal course. Everything went surprisingly smooth.
Clocking in around 1 am, I topped it off by spilling a glass of red wine over my white-shirted friend and business partner.

A thank you note to our kaffie team

Speaking about La Maison Du Terroir without speaking of Pauline Hardy or Joran Vanhandenhove would only tell half the story. While we were hittin' the road in September, these two kept the kaffie house down and delivered pristine work.

Great collaboration feels like jazz.
"In jazz, there's no script: You have to figure things out as you go along. Sometimes you need to sit back and let others drive things; other times, you blast it out yourself. To do the right thing at the right moment, you need to listen to the people you're playing with.
All great creative collaboration should feel the same way. Combining your different skills like different instruments, improvising creatively, and at the same time subordinating yourself to the goals of the group leads to playing great music together."  - Ray Dahlio
Pauline, and Joran, we loved the music. Looking forward to our next single already.

Wishing you the best of weekends,Wishing you the best of weekends,

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