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Hello my beloved kaffies,
Simon writing today. The 4th consecutive newsletter that asks for 2 minutes of your attention. Consistency is key*.
*Shit. I'm 2 days late.

This week in a highlight:

  • Evolving our business from a coffee residue Senseo to a gran crema next level Nespresso
  • No new clients
  • Cold calling junior everything
  • Our starting capital drying up quicker than the clogged tip of your 1-second glue
  • Traffic light insights

The first hurdle is always the steepest. Since welcoming 3dtools as our first client, we haven’t been able to close a second one.
Time flies by and before you know it, another week jogged by.

Key insight?

Not enough focused effort. Our attention was shattered across 21 things at the same time.

Cold calling galore

In an effort to get mentioned in Trends Gazellen edition 2023, we figured that having more then 1 client is key. And so, I started cold calling businesses.
Quite the hurdle. In the 2 years of running adsomojo (freelancing, word of mouth marketing only) i’ve never did it once. All of my clients came through, well, word of mouth.
It’s quite the scene really. I love talking to people. It gives me energy. Here’s what I don’t like.
Asking a friendly receptionist if she could pass me through to the man in charge of hiring, only to get a generic e-mail address the website already provided.
Ah well, I know what mails to send next week.

Marketing consultancy skilled in IT

Traffic light insight.
Scrolling on the VDAB on the lookout for companies signalling they need help in either IT or marketing, I noticed about 8x the amount of ‘help us please’ vacancies in the space of IT vis-a-vis the space of marketing.
Yentl told me it was quite the perspective shift, positioning kaffie as a ‘marketing agency skilled in IT’. I get that now.
Especially since I believe we should switch the table around.
What about you?

Yentl and I taking our time for an elaborate coffee tasting while our cash is getting drained.

Life is too short to drink bad coffee. Especially when your business has a coffee reference in it.
Mom provided us with a spliksplinternieuwe topoccasie coffee machine this week. Thanks moederkoek.
If you're curious about the taste, feel free to come and say hi at Zandvoordestraat 444 in Ostend.
A reply to this newsletter counts as your official RSVP.

Don't stop working before it starts working.

Speak soon,

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