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Good evening lads and laddies,
Simon milking the newsletter cow this week.
Kaffie had a good week. Here's why in 297 words.

Happened this week:

  • Shoot day La Maison Du Terroir
  • Workshop away with POTB
  • Gravifill config done
  • Fistong closing weekend

Shoot day La Maison Du Terroir

Monday, 7:30 am sharp.
Located in a patatteveld in the village of Ettelgem, Pieter and Geert from Pigeon Eggs just started unpacking their video gear when I pulled up. All fresh and on time.
We start the week with a day of video shooting for La Maison Du Terroir.
Included in the video: good mood & even better food.
We even scored a "une crepe Normandië" and some stew with fries for lunch.
Happy to be able to work together with a production company, lots to learn from these people!

PS: Spotting Zorita in the picture? Always stealing the show. ❤️PS: Spotting Zorita in the picture? Always stealing the show. ❤️

What's in a brand?

This week, we kicked off a rebranding project for Padel On The Beach Westende.
Powerpoint slides, a whiteboard barely used, and a mandatory tiger picture were all included.
Anybody looking forward to the 'every give me the tiger since 2015' exposition?

Last Weekend of Fistong

This weekend is the last weekend you'll be able to hang out at the Saint Tropez of Oudenburg. After this Sunday, the gates ofFistongwill be sealed.
Come say bye, will you?
But not until we've celebrated our 'fin de Saison in a proper B&B close by. Our team is set to arrive at around 1:30 am.  Just in time for the dance battle.
Sending love and best of luck to Stéphanie, stepsis, top class worker, and preparing for her last exam in law school. Go get em, tigress!

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