☕️ Your weekly cup of expensive kaffie

Good evening ladies & gents
This week Yentl on the keyboard, but I guess you figured that one out since it's delivered on time 🤌

This week in bullets:

  • Something about the progress on the current project.
  • Something about Simon getting into tv-production.
  • Something about coffee expenses going towards 2352 EUROS per year 🤯

Gravifill 2.0

Big day today as we had to face the music and explain our strategy on how to market Gravifill in the upcoming months...
In short, we presented the following things:

  • Simplified communication about the product (remember?).
  • Our plan on how to gain product attention online & offline both in the short term & the longer term. ( it may or may not have something to do with shaving appliances 🤷♂️)
  • Our idea on how to efficiently convert the gained attention (click for a first teaser)

The results: We came, We presented, We passed phase 1 with flying colours 🎉
In conclusion: We’re eager for what’s next but are enjoying this first victory (it’s the little things in life)

Tv-producer Simon

Exciting times are coming our way: spring makes the birds sing, summer is only a scratch away & our favourite popup bar is brewing on fresh, big ideas.
Whilst I don’t want to steal the honours on communicating about Simon becoming a tv-producer, I do, however, want to give you a first look at what a braindump of a tv-producer looks like:

Geekonomics: Nespresso pad expenses

Remember last week? Simon proudly introduced a Nespresso coffee machine into our headquarters. So with much tralala, we sipped our fancy kaffie whilst invoking a bonfire withour old calcified Senseo machine.
One week later, we made the evaluation → Much happier to sip our cup, but we wondered what this meant for our kaffie expenses? So, curious as we are, we did the research & calculated how much time it would cost to drink ourselves to coffee induced bankruptcy.
Here is the math:

So fellow Kaffie enthusiasts... Should we revive the old Senseo & drink “kaffiegruis in maandverband” again? Or should we sip our fancy pads whilst sinking like the titanic?

Or maybe, just maybe, we should stop investing time in geeky excels about coffee expenses & start doing our client work? We’ll let you be the judge about this!

Thanks for reading! As always, enjoy your weekend.

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