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Hola que tal,

Simon on the decks. Due to the opening of Fistong 2 fridays ago, I wasn't able to write the newsletter. Due to my personality, I wasn't able to make previous Friday deadline either. Mea culpa.

This edition bullets:

  • FUBAR x kaffie is a no go
  • Angry seagulls joining the team
  • Opening of Fistong - recap

FUBAR -  red light

Red light, green light background music

Two weeks ago, Yentl mentioned that we'd be covering the launch campaign.
This week, we're here to tell you we won't. We pitched the idea and low and behold, they didn't feel the vibe. They decided on going for a promiscuous ladies photography campaign.

Truth be told: All things went correct. We talked, agreed-upon being paid for work already done, and we're happy for it to happen now instead of right in the middle of the campaign.
You win, you lose some. And as long as you learn, you win. Namasté.
Imma gets my incense stick burning.

Angry seagulls

We've been greeted upon by a pair of angry seagulls upon entering the office for a solid two weeks now.
It all started with Roland Pintelon, lawyer at the office, storming in proclaiming 'godverdomme der et e meeuwe op me kop gekakt'.
They've been on terminator mode ever since.
You've got to see it to believe it. Double clickettie click to add music.

Opening of Fistong

Fistong opened their gates on the 17th of Friday. We've called upon sunshine, lots of people and electricity issues. All things considered, it was a good opening.
We were always on the edge of drowning, yet the team kept swimming. Just like it should be on a solid opening party.

Fistong - the marketing numbers

We've managed to reach 188 000 people in 33 days with our campaign. €0 spend on paid ads. No seagulls were harmed during the process.
Not too shabby.
Know someone who organizes cool stuff and also needs a kick-ass campaign? Let's talk.
Peace and love,

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