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Goedendag bonjour,
Simon spilling the beans this week.
Speaking about beans: Yentl is steadily cooking up a new website. We would love to add some testimonials about our newsletter.
Marketing gurus swear it helps.

Good sir or madam, would you be so kind as to reply with a funny and bold testimonial about our newsletter so far? Muchos gracias.

With long-awaited yadda yadda, here's this week in shotgun shells:

  • Ask for newsletter testimonial on the to do list
  • Gravifilling it up
  • Spliksplinternieuwe website
  • Kaffie clothing company huge sales 7 figure big business

Gravifilling it up

Following Monday is game time for Gravifill. We've brewed upon a suave script for a cool campaign video.
The idea is graciously stolen from an ad that got viral a few years ago. There, I said it.
Forget originality. The term is garbage. Ideas are not original. Ideas are made from stuff. They are made from every little thing you have ever put inside your head.
Harry Dry, another famous marketing guru and full-time cool guy, describes this philosophy in 'Consumers'.

The book is about people who put stuff inside their head.
They devour old films, new films, music, books, random conversations...First they consume, and then they steal what they have consumed.
If you want to increase the quality of your work – your output – you must increase the level of your inputs. Your input is knowledge. The more pieces of knowledge you have at your disposal, the greater the opportunity for explosive connections and the better ideas you will create. It is that simple.
I've stolen the last two paragraphs from his book. Practice what you preach. You the real mvp Harry.

Spliksplinternieuwe website

Less black and yellow, more Alice in pastel wonderland. Get ready for the earth-shifting gears somewhere next week.

Kaffie Merchandise

We sold our first limited edition kaffie t-shirt one hour after stock from pancake_productions.be arrived!
The day one was Roland Pintelon, full-time lawyer and part-time fashion connaisseur.
To keep up with high demand, Yentl is building a million-dollar webshop as we speak.

Chinese Simon would like to remind you not to forget the review.
If you're feeling lucky and would like to have one without the need for selling a kidney,forward this mail to Harry Dry and make sure he subscribes by the end of next week.

If he can reach Kanye, you can reach Harry. Seriously, click the link. Outlandish story. The balls on this guy.
Wishing you the best of balls and weekends,

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