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Happy holiday weekend folks!
Due to strong winds, no bank holiday for us & no intro text for you.

Fucked Up Beyond All Repair

You read it well; FUBAR is returning to Ghent this year during the Gentse Feesten.
For the people who don’t know the concept - that included me - FUBAR is a party concept that is organized in vacant buildings in Ghent. The locations included a carrefour market, an old church and will host in the old FNAC (Veldstraat) this year.
Why is this important? One of the organizers is kinda wild about our online launch campaign for Fistong. So this week, we got together to see how we can help FUBAR with its launch. If the puzzle comes together on their end, we’ll be a partner in crime for launching FUBAR this year.

Whiteboards & Pleisterwerken Verhelst

After abusing our walls with post-its & mistreating our glass windows with adhesive tape, we finally decided to buy a whiteboard to mistreat. And since Simon, the treasure hunter, Bronders loves 2nd hand hunting, he was in charge of giving us what we needed.
After three weeks of the Facebook marketplace, we found an ideal donor whiteboard in sunny Zedelgem. This trip brought an unexpected & inspiring talk with the owner of Pleisterwerken verhelst.
Wouter, the owner, told us his life story and how he ended up with a business of 40 people in the plastering business. His main competitive advantage? Standardized Operating Procedures (SOPs). That means that Wouter is constantly on the look for how to work smarter instead of harder, and he does so by using his own tailor-made software package.
He also hinted that data insights are one of his following projects on which he could use some help… So let’s keep this contact warm & start buying more 2nd hand whiteboards as our new sales approach.

Business nuggets

  • Gravifill website will be launched soon 👀
  • Tender with presentation left the building for a more extensive project 🤞
  • Fistong campaign is on a roll & live show is taking shape 🎥
  • Anykrowd will be a partner of Fistong this summer → opportunity for Kaffie 📌

That’s all for this week!

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