☕️ Your new cup of world star premiere kaffie

New Friday, new(sletter) (news)letter.Let’s get you up to speed with all things new.

New review

New babies

As a certified plant dad, I took it upon myself to go thrift shopping for weesplantjes to green up the office.
As of today,
we're sprinkling kaffie care to no less than nine luscious plant babies.
If plants could write, I'd probably ask them for a review too.

New kaffiemachien

It happened. On the road to world domination,we jumped another tile upwards to successful business heavens.
The Siemens eq6 s500 something something.
Part of the crew now.
@Yentl, we're gonna need some updates on the kaffie crew page.
Could you include signed and sealed intern Josephine while you're at it?

You're hereby cordially, officially and high-heartedly invited to come and make your very own latte.
Next Wednesday at 2 pm. RSVP.

New Afrodidact site

Sipping "double shot+ strong" flat white kaffie, Yentl's been brewing a new website for Afrodidact.
Pretty fly for a ___ guy (reply l to fill in the blanks and get featured in next week's newsletter).

New video trailer

Let's celebrate the new weekend with a bang.
As a loyal kaffie brewer, we'd like to share with you the premiere of the new trailer of our vlog documentary about Afrodidact.

My most heartfelt thank you to Xandrone, Jeffe and the whole KUBO crew for making this possible.
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

And if you want to make the day of every one of those kids in the video,please gift whatever you can spare.

That'll be all folks. I'm off to drink a brand new Bacardi cola brewed by Yentl for honouring the weekend.
I'm an old soul, after all.

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