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Hello bonjour,
Simon writing this week's newsletter.
For missing last week's edition, I'll also write the next one.
There, I said it.

So, Black Friday happened

So, Black Friday happened.

We made use of the situation to invest in some office gear.Wow, I feel old now.
On top of the list:
Treated ourselves to e goeie kaffiemachien that roars out delicious flat whites ready for dancing.

Segundo: Replacing Yentl's 22" Acer gaming monitor from 1997 with a Dell ultrawide that, admittedly, would look even better on my desk.

He's been good busy putting up intimidating graphs of the stock market on the right while keeping up with bookkeeping on the left ever since.
We makin' moves.

Aside from taking part in the pinnacle of consumerism, we also got good work done. No discounts.

Workshop galore

Just wrapped up a workshop about "Keep it Canva simple stupid- 101" for a client.
Whenever somebody leaves a workshop enlightened and energized, you'd know it's a good one.
Yentl and I have the occasional talks about 'productizing' our service. A workshop or 2 might be a good start.

Which one sounds enlightening to you? Feel free to reply.

  • Putting your data gold mine to good use
  • Make your customers do the marketing for you
  • How to put GIF's in your newsletter with Mailchimp
If you have a problem that a kaffie brewed workshop might help you with, welcome to let us know the topic. We love them 99 problems.If you have a problem that a kaffie brewed workshop might help you with, welcome to let us know the topic. We love them 99 problems.

Very serious intern job interview

It happened. Our very first job interview on the perceived nicer part of table.
Josephine stopped by to delight us with how she would love to do 'the marketing'.
We did our best to ensure her side of the table felt just as nice and welcoming.
More news on Sunday.
A 'do the data' intern is stopping by for an interview next week. I'll join Yentl and act very weighty about the data-driven decision-making system management systems for processes with integer hexadecimal web3 attributes. Blockchain.

An office where dreams come true.

Time for an honest update on the internal cuisine of kaffie.
It's easy to get wrapped in the hustle and bustle of the daily operations and skip the valuable 'zoom out" meeting, but we did.And it was pleasant to see.
We've been steadily growing our monthly revenue for a solid 8 months now.
Every entrepreneur starting can attest:Starting out can be a heavy burden to bear.
Bills to pay, clients to close, clients to keep happy, bookkeeping, communicating your existence,… and having fun while you're at it.
A whole lot to manage. But hey, somehow, we did. We do.
We're delivering good work. We do our best to keep up with our promises. We underpromise and overdeliver. And we've been doing it repetitively for a good few months.
And that's something we should celebrate.
Yentl,  happy to be on this rollercoaster with you.
My fellow kaffie brewers, thanks for joining along.
Wishing you the pinnacle of weekends,

PS: 3dtools finest Sam Mulkay just became big papa again. Does that count as a kaffie baby as well? Wishing you and your family black friday diapers, love, joy and magic!

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