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GOOOOD weekend to you, our dear reader!
This week, your data geek brings you the hottest moments, like hot cocoa on a cold winter day.

Our week in bullets:

  • SEO fundamentals workshop for anyKrowd
  • Visiting Brussels for our first accounting roast since launching kaffie.
  • Slip & slide our way to buying a car.

What the SEO? An intro workshop for anyKrowd.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.
The same thing is to say about SEO. That’s how we kicked off the workshop with anyKrowd.

Whether you sell products or services or want to be present online, Search Engine Optimization is relevant for everyone. Now, with that being said, the amount of effort you have to put into this topic depends on your website’s goals.

For anyKrowd, we started with the fundamentals months ago when we helped launch their website (making sure page hierarchy is ok, images are optimized, links check out, and pages are speedy…)

Where did we focus our efforts on this workshop?

  • Start building domain authority, i.e. other relevant websites linking to your website.
  • Start ranking for keywords by making use of long-form content.

This all might sound a bit overwhelming and dry, but it actually is very easy to put into practice & fun if you enjoy discovering the internet with excellent software tools like Ahrefs & AI writers like frase.io (I think I’m going to make this more tangible by focusing on these tools in the following newsletter)

Side note: whilst it is essential to focus on SEO ASAP, we know that 1000 things need attention when starting a business. kaffie, too, should improve a lot on this topic, so we’ll have work to do in 2023

Visiting Brussels for our first accounting roast since launching kaffie

The end of the year is nearing, which means two things: Starbucks starts serving sugar-infused Christmas coffees for over 6 EUR per cup & the end of a fiscal year is in sight.
If you combine these two, you get a trip to your accountant in Brussels with a Starbucks gas station shop pitstop as an interlude.
Aren’t their accountants in Ostend? Well, that’s where Simon’s family ties kick in under the form of an uncle-nephew situation.
What’s to keep in mind from this meeting?

  • Insurances are becoming a point of attention.
  • Cars are becoming a point of attention.
  • Our individual “eenmanszaakskes” will be shut down by the end of this year. So, from then on, we’ll always come in a combo package.
  • We are evolving month by month, so there is nothing special to keep into account.

I guess that’s it on the accounting part: dry matter, nothing sexy & new under the sun.

Slip & slide our way to buying a car

What do frosty mornings, riding a motorcycle & manhole covers have in common?

If your answer was a bike in a lateral position & 1 broken ego, then you won the jackpot!
Yes, it happened; after numerous warnings to be cautious and advice not to drive a motorcycle in the winter, I finally managed to prove that the cautious people were right.

But don’t worry, besides my ego, I’m fine, the bike is more or less fine, and the decision to settle for a car in the winter is now final.
That’s it for this week.
Stay safe on the roads and enjoy your hot cocoa

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