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Top of the day to my beloved ladies and gentlemen.
For those wondering if we went bankrupt and closed down the newsletter streak without a farewell message or a postcard from the Bahamas, wonder no more.  I've been slacking on my newsletter streak.

I could blame it on my chronic back pain.
I could blame it on a heartfelt break-up with my Zorita Mamacita.
I could blame it on the rainy weather.
I could blame it on the politicians in Belgium.

But I won't. I'm no victim of my environment.  I'm the architect. I own that shit, my friend.
And today, I'm kicking off the newsletter wishing you the power to do so too. Without further ado, let's dig our way through. And that's another rhyme - mind you.
Three things that happened this month,
Two celebrations to do,
and one question for you.

Three things that happened

Frederik Demoorhas joined our ranks as a full-stack dev intern.

Frederik brings to the table 43 years of rock n roll life experience, an office dog named Chappie and the curiosity to learn under the all-seeing eye of data magician Yentl.

When point blank asked about his experience doing an internship over at kaffie: He replied: "I'm not so good in one-liners". But we're happy to have him either way.

Kaffie got aspliksplinternieuwe topoccasie.

We bought my 15-year-old car with 350k mileage into the business for tax purposes.
We're also on our way to buying a 2nd hand 2021 Golf Variant so Yentl his dad (Thank you Patje, we love you ❤️) can be a free elf again.

Yentl living bald lifestyle now.

Since our finances wouldn't allow for a trip to Turkey anytime soon and clients are behind on their payments, Yentl decided to fix two problems at once.
He's living the bald lifestyle now. And ready to pop kneecaps for everybody with payments due.

Two celebrations to do

We've been tasked with the creation of a trade booth at a conference in Nuremberg for our day one client, 3dtools.

I was in charge of the concept, prepared a presentation, and ten minutes before the actual pitch, decided to do something completely different.
Lo and behold, the concept got agreed upon. The next step* was finding an artist who knows graphic design too.
In comes Quincy Francois, an upcoming artist and friend of ours that was the man for the job.
He's been steadily delivering finger-licking nice visuals ever since. If great collaboration should feel like jazz, having Quincy aboard sure feels like jammin' along with Miles Davis. ❤️
Give the man a follow on Instagram if you'd love to be able to boast about being a 'day one fan' before he goes big in Japan.

* Yentl has been making some intimidating automation magic for the trade booth as well, but I'll let him spill the beans in the next issue of our newsletter.

Charlie Runkle / Jason Statham / Yentl Jacobs just turned 27 last week.

A reply saying "happy birthday Yentl" should suffice to keep your kneecaps alive.

One question for you

And a serious one at that.

Would you prefer an informal newsletter like this or a newsletter that actually helps you level up your business game within the IT and marketing game?Would you prefer an informal newsletter like this or a newsletter that actually helps you level up your business game within the IT and marketing game?

Your reply would be much appreciated. And you only have two kneecaps after all.
Wishing you a fruitful week of being the architect,

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