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Good Wednesday, ladies & gents
I hope you're all recharged by the easter bunny holidays!
Today the kaffie newsletter is covered by me, Yentl. It's been a while since you've heard from me; I solemnly swear it's not your fault; it's mine.

Nonetheless, I'm here today and happy to try and delight you!
This week's delight:

  • One technical story on managing 109 leads during a trade show.
  • One celebration story on one year kaffie.
  • One tiny tool I use on a daily basis.

109 Leads to convert.

Remember the trade show booth Simon was talking about one newsletter ago? Well, it ended up looking like this in real life:

Besides the vibrant popping trade booth, the guys from the lean mean filling machine wanted an easy-to-use flow to register leads (potential future customers). So, in came the kiosk stand:

The purpose of the Kiosk stand is twofold:

  • One - Lettingpotential customers configuretheir filling machinelikethey wouldorder a Big Macat Mcdonald's (including a printed receipt of their configuration).
  • Two -Allowingthe Gravifill guys toenter leads manually.

The result? 109 new leads were entered during the tradeshow. All these leads were automatically created into the client's CRM & immediately received a "thank you" mailfor visiting the booth.
More results?No more manual labourof entering business cards into a CRM at home. This was both a delight for our client & our client's clients.

How the workflow looked like (weird nerd flex incoming):

Tools we used for this:

  • Webflow to make theconfigurator.
  • Pipedrive as aCRMsystem, i.e. a platform where you can manage leads, customers & deals, make a quote, send mass e-mails…
  • N8N to automaticallypushthe answers we received in Webflow toPipedrive& print a receiptfor the potential customer

Where do we go from here

  • The 109 leads received a follow-up e-mail requesting to fill out a 7-question form.
  • Based on these seven questions, The Gravifill gentlemen can make a quote tailored to the lead's needs.

One year kaffie

Thursday, the 13th of April, we're celebrating our first year as kaffie! And according to the creative half of kaffie we don't celebrate the little things enough. So Thursday, we'll take a moment to appreciate our one-year existence!

Things we'll celebrate include: having done cool shit for cool clients, writing +-33 newsletters (we know, we know, that's not one per week),learning at a quick pace which things to know when running a business and last, but not least: still being able to do what we love to do in our own way 😊

So if you see fireworks in the Region of Ostend on Thursday night, it's probably not us since we still don't have a "Great Gatsby" party budget. That being said champagne might be popping!

One tiny tool

Until a while ago, I stored attractive websites, interesting tweets, cool IG posts, notes, photos, and quotes… all on individual platforms. Eventually, this content escaped my attention to never be recalled again.
Nowadays, I use https://mymind.com/
This tool:

  • Makes it easy to save any content (photos, text, URLs, quotes…)
  • Automatically categorise your stored content (AI screens the content and labels it), so no manual labelling if you don't feel like it.
  • Makes it easy to find back previously stored content.

Here is a small teaser of my own mymind:

So nowadays, when anything interesting comes to mind, I put it in MyMind.

That's all for today, folks!
Enjoy your Wednesday

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